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20 Questions

Am I an Alcoholic?


SFV AA Can Help You

Only you can decide whether you want to give Alcoholics Anonymous a try—whether you think it can help you. We who are in A.A. came because we finally gave up trying to control our drinking. We still hated to admit that we could never drink safely. Then we heard from other A.A. members that we were sick. (We thought so for years!) We found out that many people suffered from the same feelings of guilt and loneliness and hopelessness that we did. We found out that we had these feelings because we had the disease of alcoholism. We decided to try to face up to what alcohol had done to us.

Do I Have a Problem?

Here are some of the questions we tried to answer honestly. Remember, there is no disgrace in facing up to the fact that you have a problem.

Typically, most A.A. members have come to self-diagnose themselves as alcoholic. Hospitals and the medical/psychiatric communities have a variety of legitimate assessment tools but ultimately the alcoholic must accept the fact that they are alcoholic. The following 20 questions are by no means scientific, but if you are wondering if you are an alcoholic or potential alcoholic, feel free to take the quiz.

  1. Do you lose time from work due to drinking?
  2. Is drinking making your home life unhappy?
  3. Do you drink because you are shy with other people?
  4. Is drinking affecting your reputation?
  5. Have you ever felt remorse after drinking?
  6. Have you gotten into financial difficulties as a result of drinking?
  7. Do you turn to lower companions and an inferior environment when drinking?
  8. Does your drinking make you careless of your family’s welfare?
  9. Has your ambition decreased since drinking?
  10. Do you crave a drink at a definite time daily?
  11. Do you want a drink the next morning?
  12. Does drinking cause you to have difficulty sleeping?
  13. Has your efficiency decreased since drinking?
  14. Is drinking jeopardizing your job or business?
  15. Do you drink to escape from worries or trouble?
  16. Do you drink alone?
  17. Have you ever had a complete loss of memory as a result of drinking?
  18. Has your physician ever treated you for drinking?
  19. Do you drink to build your self-confidence?
  20. Have you ever been to a hospital or institution on account of drinking?

If you answered YES to any one of the questions, there is a definite warning that you may be alcoholic. 

If you have answered YES to any two, the chances are that you are an alcoholic. 

If you have answered YES to three or more, you are definitely an alcoholic. 

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